Lunar Lander Land

spacious playground for the young astronaut, 2019

Lunar Lander Land

For the exhibition "hello universe" at the HNF Museum Paderborn, Germany we created an interactive playground for the young astronaut consisting of four interactive works:

  1. the lunar lander
    the center pieces of this playground is inspired by the original lander module and has two floors. On the ground floor is a cozy gaming area with four space related video games. On the second floor which can be reached via a staircase there are five hands-on objects: a commander module for controlling the space ship, a communication module to record and replay your message from the moon, a replica of the DSKY Apollo computer unit which can be operated via a space glove, a planet viewer and a space slide with count down and bass shaking sound module over which the spaceship can be left again.
  2. the moon rover
    take a seat in this moon rover replica to play a unique video game. Two man on a mission in a moon rover trying to collect samples on the lunar surface, but beware the resources of oxygen and energy are limited and you may never return to earth again. By controlling the game by a real steering wheel and switches on a console this game becomes an immersive and exciting experience.
  3. the foot print
    here visitors can leave their personal footprint on the lunar surface and post it on social media if there was wifi on the moon.
  4. the planet scale
    check out how heavy a standard beans can would feel if you were on a different planet in our solar system.

In collaboration with: fpunkt (metal construction and production of moon rover and lunar lander) and Mike (programming moon rover), Chris Glanz from SUPERGLANZ (grafx moon rover)

picture credits: HNF, Anreas Stolte