The Furer

Universal Speech Reciter, 2011

The  Furer

The ////furer//// is a universal speech reciter. Up to 7 speeches of the worlds history most eviliest despots,important political and relgeous leaders, charismatics Gurus and unscrupulous Dictators can be uploaded to the installation and will be recited by this palm-sized puppet with lip-synched voice output and hand gesture.

The power of words has always been an instrument to manipulate people. In a good way but also in a bad way. Did you believe Colom Paul presenting the US war plan at the UN? In the politics, religeous and buisiness world charismatic leaders can easylie change the mind of people. Why do people get crazy when a CEO of a big computer company is presenting a new product? “Mein Führer” is an instrument to listen to speeches in a neutral way which helps you to think first before believe because the great seal of seduction is everywhere!