Pitch to Pixel – legshocker at NFM Manchester

The National Football Museum in Manchester is presenting again the legshocker in their new show called Pitch to Pixel: The world of football gaming. This show is curated by John O’Shea.

PainStation on Lets play youtube

Hi guys from lets play thank you for this awesome video. Even after 15 years of PainStation we were rolling on the floor laughing our ass of. But how can you get so many tattoos being afraid of pain so much…?


Advertisement in print magazines can be very helpful for promotion of your exhibition but you never know who your neighbors will be…

NO PAIN NO GAME – re//fur//lution tour – next stop – Ljubljana

We have to travel fursr. After a extremely successful opening of the NO PAIN NO GAME exhibition tour at the Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow (show is still running until 5th of october) our show is now traveling to Ljubljana in Slovenia. The Gallery Vžigalica and the MoTA – point Museum of Transitory Art will host our creations. Gates will be open from 21th of October to 23th of November 2014.

No Pain No Game – ribbon cut

On thursday the 4th of September we opened our first solo show called “No Pain No Game” with a ribbon cut. Around 500 people came to the opening at Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow to celebrate with us the start of the “No Pain No Game” exhibition tour 2014-2015. We guess that we are not off the mark if we say that the opening was a great success.

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No Pain No Game – setup in Krakow

After the successfull loading of our masterpieces in Cologne we traveled to Krakow to do the set-up. Continue Reading →

No Pain No Game – truck loading

Today the truck came to load our cases for the No Pain  No Game exhibition opening on 4th of September (vernissage). As our nuclear protected studio is located under the ground Continue Reading →

Art & Arcade exhibition video

Here comes a nice video of the Art & Arcade show in Eindhoven at the MU. It’s a great show. If you are a arcade fan or interested in games you have to go there.

production line

For the upcoming first solo show tour through eastern Europe called “No pain, no game” we work hard to produce and improve the art works for this show. On this photos you can see the production of a complete redesigned version of His Master’s Voice.

OIS at BIAN 2014 Montreal Canada 1 May – 19 June

Fur à la BIAN_Goethe-InstitutFur à la BIAN_Goethe-Institut//////////fur //// ist presenting their newest creation OIS at BIAN 2014 the international media art biennale in Montreal Canada. This project is part of the AOYS ( art on your screen ) project from the ZKM Karlsruhe and was curated by Matthias Kampmann. Even if you can not make to come you will be able to participate with this art work via OIS hub page .

Art&Arcade at MU Eindhoven NL 18th April – 25th May 2014

The show must go on. After a successful exhibition with our PainStation at the Haus für Elektronisch Künste Basel the Art&Arcade exhibition moves on to the MU in Eindhoven.

PainStation and Golden Calf at Bouillants#6 festival 6th April -1thJune 2014 Rennes FR

For the third time we will take part at this years edition of Bouillants festival in Rennes France. The doors will be open from 6th of April until the first of June 2014. We will show our all time favorite PainStation and one of our newest works Golden Calf

AMAZING OPENING 6th of March 2014

For the Goethe-Institut Kraków we made a special version of our voice controlled maze game. It will presented at the “TRIPTICHON DER LABYRINTHE” at the Goethe-Institut house in the center of the beauty full city of Kraków. This event launches a series of events under the label “SPIELTRIEB” (ludic drive). Continue Reading →

New whips please

Last year we found out that the rubber rings we used for producing our PainStation whips were not available any more. What a drama because we need this special thickness and flexibility of this material. But luckily we get in contact with Danny D. He organized us a whole pile of new rings. That will be enough for the next decade. thanks man.


//////////fur//// gives a small warm up  for this eventful 2014 at Büro für Brauchbarkeit Gallery. It will be a sneak preview of three new and improved works which will be part of the first solo exhibition tour through east Europe in collaboration with the Goethe Institut.  Exhibition opening will be on 7th of February at 19p.m..

Santa Pain is coming to town

PainStation transport a la Mumbai. Today our PainStation programmer came to our home base to bring back one of our beloved machines.



Our good old but all-time favorite devilish machine “PainStation” will be part of this interesting exhibition opens January 15th – March 16t at the house of electronic art in Basel Switzerland: Continue Reading →


A long time ago we started a project together with Niklas Roy, a young talented media artist from Berlin. The project with intelligent wheelchairs is getting sucked in our pipeline and it seems that it will stay there until we are old and handicapped people. But anyway i found recently this nostalgic video of the first test run.


We found this article in the Germanwings magazine. If you go to Berlin you should not leave the town without having had a date with the PainStation at the Computerspiele Museum Berlin.


We welcome our new trainee “Timmi” who left the hippster mekka Berlin to join us a couple of months in our creators cave in Cologne Kalk to get a glimpse of an artists hard working live. He willl suport us for the production period for the upcoming solo exhibition ”Spieltrieb” 2014-2016 tour through east Europe which will be organized by the Goehte Institut Krakow starting in Sept 2014 in Krakow. He seems to be a smart guy capable of handling numbers as well as the soldering iron.


Our beloved little fellow called furninja which has now awakened from its decade slumber will be shown at the nuit blanche in Amiens on October 2013 the 12th. Thus some service and improvement tasks have to be done but now he is back in business and ready to cut everything into pieces.

The world is a serious place these days!

PainStation – WORK AND PLAY

PainStation was shown at the annual carhartt meeting 2013. We will see in what way the PainStation left impression to the carhartt people.

Siri switches light on

Take a look at magic siri.

next big thing ?

Right now we are experimenting with Arduino, BLEschield and Pololu stepper motor driver: Don’t know where this will be end up … ? serious business or more stupid stuff.

PainStation at 10 Jaar Z33 Feest

PainStation will be shown from 17th – 18th of November 2012 at Z33 in Hasselt/Belgium at 10 year anniversary party. 33 hours of non stop party and PainStation. In 2004 PainStation was part of the exhibition “FEEL” shown at Z33.

Weapons in Art

Pau Waelder - an independent art critic and curator, researcher in new media art - wrote a nice essay about weappons in art in which he mentioned our EAD project. Unfortunately it is written in english… but i guess it’s worth to learn spanish for that.

arte creative testing PainStation

Yesterday arte creative came to our studio to make a feature about us for the fabulous art geeks series. To get the “//////////fur//// spirit” they had to test our all time favorite art piece. The battle between Martin and Stefan at the PainStation was hard but not bloody.

“No pain no game!”

The soldering iron is the brush of media artist!